We help the rebels build technology powered companies

Tech for equity and investment for startups

RebelVentures is an investment vehicle created by RebelDot, a digital product development company with over 13 years of experience in helping founders bring daring ideas to life.

We could of course use fancy words like disruption and innovation to tell you what we are doing, but we’d rather go for plain language to tell you what we’re up to.

so here’s the catch

Over the years we have partnered with more than 60 startups, SMEs, and enterprise companies to help them bring new products to the world.

And while we are still doing this with RebelDot, our particular love for startups made us create RebelVentures, our passion project.

We use the knowledge we gathered in more than 13 years of building digital products to help startups grow fast and smart.

Our not-so-secret formula









Get technical expertise as an investment.
Your new shinny idea can benefit from our technical resources and business expertise in exchange for equity capital. We (and probably a few other cool VC’s) call it tech for equity. Might seem a bit unusual, because it doesn’t fit the pattern.
A full product team working for your startup.
We are not an incubator, accelerator or investment fund, but an actual part of your team. You get a full product team and creatives to supercharge your product idea and have it take off. Count on us on every step of the process.
The RebelDot tech power house. At your service.

Headquartered in the heart of Transylvania, the RebelDot team has brought 65 ideas just like yours to life. We’ve worked with governments, Fortune 500 companies, and kick-ass startups in about every industry there is.

In the Rebeldot team, there’s no shortage of experts. You can count on our product people, designers, project managers developers, and marketers to bring your idea to life.

So, what’s next?
We have a pitch deck free application process. Drop us an email at hey@rebelventures.io answering these 4 questions. If you have a pitch deck already feel free to send it over but make sure it clearly answers these questions.

-> What is the problem your product solves?

-> What’s the biggest challenge you are facing at the moment?

-> How are you financing your product?

-> What efforts have you made in validating your idea?

We’d love to partner with you for the longterm.
We invested in wonderful startups

Interested in working with RebelVentures?

Drop an email, and let’s chat over a cup of coffee.